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occupational therapy (OT)

what is OT?

OT is a profession within health and social care which focusses on building, regaining or maintaining a person's activities of daily living (ADLs). 

It can be helpful for people with physical, mental or cognitive impairments, disease and / or acute deterioration.

As an OT, my main aim is to support you during times of change, (either being short or long term) when you need guidance and information to function as independently as possible. I ensure that you are held at the centre of your care and treatment planning and support you in making informed decisions based on assessed recommendations.  In offering a holistic approach, considering all aspects of your life including your occupation or role, environment and your potential to engage in all areas of life, we can work together in finding care and equipment which facilitate your specific and individual needs and wishes.  

how can OT be of benefit to you?

My role can sometimes be vast and all encompassing, but in summary I can offer you access to aids and adaptations (both minor and major), help you develop and regain skills you may have lost or want to acquire as well as modify and adjust tasks in order for you to achieve what is most meaningful to you. I can also support you in making decisions regarding new care provision or choosing a new environment to live in. 

examples of conditions I have worked with in the past:

Long term conditions -


Alzheimer’s disease



Spinal cord injury

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Traumatic brain injury and complex trauma,


Chronic pain and Fatigue

Life Limiting Illnesses and those receiving Palliative care

Short term impairments -

Deterioration in mobility and function

Loss of strength, confidence

and / or

Specific reduced ability following an injury, surgery or a fall.

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