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reflexology lymphatic drainage (RLD)

what is RLD?

RLD is like Reflexology; however, focuses on working the lymphatic system in order to stimulate and cause a positive effect on its function. 


This innovative technique was developed by Sally Kay and has been proven to help reduce symptoms related to various conditions

(incl. fibromyalgia, sinusitis and migraines). 


RLD is considered to be a ground-breaking form of massage, as it is one which people with lymphoedema, lipoedema and cancer can safely received and enjoy, without it causing them any discomfort or harm. Some, people with an active diagnosis of cancer and or those receiving treatment in the form of radiotherapy /chemotherapy / those in remission, may be able to receive RLD. This can be of benefit to them in many ways (eg. offering pain relief, enhancing their immune function and helping to reduce swelling).


In such instances it would be best if I liaise with your consultant or GP to ensure no contraindications are present for you receiving a treatment.  

how does RLD work?

Similar to Reflexology, RLD can be performed to the hands or the feet and can be done either lying flat or reclined in a chair. A variety of balms, lotions or unscented creams can be used, as per preference and suitability. By focussing on the lymphatic reflexes, the whole system is encouraged to work optimally: removing waste products, improving circulation and detoxification as well as draining areas of fluid retention. 


If appropriate, I may include: treatment to associated reflexes, target individual organs and work precise areas of the body so as to alleviate specific symptoms and or enhance the management of a certain condition (eg. for relief of headaches, sinusitis). 

benefits and additional application:

RLD is similar to MLD and can be used to treat and manage the following conditions:

● Lymphoedema. 

● Lipoedema (incl. mixed Lipo-lymphoedema)

● General swelling (eg. due to surgical removal of lymph nodes, trauma or injury)

● Fibromyalgia

● Chronic fatigue and ME

● Migraines and headaches

● Muscular tension, general aches and pain

● Sinusitis and general sinus problems

● Skin conditions, including acne and eczema

● Arthritis and joint inflammation

● Asthma.

● Poor sleep. 

● Acute onset of pain


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