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Further reviews and feedback can be found on Google .

Here are a few examples of previous patient feedback and experiences which you may find helpful and interesting.

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creative approach in lockdown


Sue H - virtual consultations & SLD

I had my operation during lockdown and was discharged with the knowledge I was at high risk of Lymphodoema.  Sure enough I could tell problems were developing but how could I get help?


Alex was a real Godsend.  

She responded promptly to my email and offered a virtual call. During which I was able to discuss my specific concerns, use the camera to prod, push and stretch the area with Alex’s direction so she could assess it for herself and appreciate my situation better.  


Then came the words every patient wants to hear -

I understand what is happening, don’t worry we can sort this.  That virtual session relieved so much anxiety in a time when contact was impossible.


Alex provided me with practical advice and suggestions which I could start on immediately and later forwarded on bespoke videos of herself doing the Simple Lymphatic Drainage (SLD) exercises, so that I could do my self-care sessions alongside her. Both of which i found to be useful and relaxing.  


She also developed an online monitoring system (via Googlesheets) whereby I fill in details each day (quick and easy) and she can monitor, advise and answer any questions.


I have never encountered a therapy system that gives daily feedback and support.  Alex is clearly committed to providing the best possible service for her patients and is creative in how to deliver for each situation.  

I cannot commend her enough.

reflex feet.jpg

combined team effort




I'm a larger lady, who felt bigger with her oedema, and felt apprehensive about meeting a new therapist.


I was so relieved to find that from my very first appointment, I couldn't have felt more at ease with Alex. She listened to all my questions and concerns, ensuring that she understood what I wanted to gain from my time with her. 


Alex outlined therapies she could offer and I was amazed at the array of professional skills she has.

I've since had several different therapies from her now - including MLD & RLD.


I look forward to every session. My legs have reduced in width and they don't always have that "heavy, bulky feeling" now. Everything seems to be 'flowing' much more easily.


In addition, Alex liaised with various organisations to obtain wraps and stockings for my use in-between appointments.  She went out of her way to make sure I was comfortable with the process and provided a fully bespoke service from start to finish.


The whole therapy experience has truly improved my quality of everyday life and I only wish I could've been referred to Alex sooner.

Mike - MLD

I wrote to thank you and the excellent team at  Woodfield Physiotherapy Centre for speeding up my recovery after my accident.


After some 6 weeks of wearing a plaster cast followed by a further 6 weeks of different leg and knee braces my leg was very weak, swollen and with substantial fluid retention.


I was provided with many exercises demonstrated and explained by the physiotherapist (Cordelia) in a considerate and caring way. This certainly put me on the initial track to recovery.


Alex was then asked to be involved and her gentle and effective Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage (MLD) quickly reduced the swelling in my knee and leg enabling me to progress faster and achieve a greater range of movement in my injured leg.


The combination of Cordelia's physio and Alex's manual lymphatic drainage worked extremely well for me!  I am so grateful that I can now easily walk, cycle and work in my garden again, which at my age is greatly appreciated.


I wanted to make sure that both Cordelia and Alex know how much I am thankful for their help.

a fully bespoke service

Sue M - MLD & RLD


so much more than i expected


Christine - RLD

Alex offered me tips and advice around everyday back pain management, which I wasn't expecting but found to be of great benefit.


I have already booked another session with Alex and would highly recommend her.


Alex is the type of person that will make you feel very comfortable, listened too and at ease. You can properly relax in her company and enjoy your treatment to reap the best benefits.

ot .jpg


reflex hands.jpg


observant & engaging

Frank - occupational therapy

After I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease,

I was advised to see an Occupational Therapist.


Alex, came from Woodfield Physiotherapy Centre and undertook an assessment in my home. She made various recommendations including advice to purchase certain items of equipment, which she helped me to source.


As a result of her input, my posture, comfort, activity tolerance and safety have improved considerably

would highly recommend

Philipa - reflexology

When I started seeing Alex I was struggling with my health. I was generally run down, had no energy and found even the smallest of illnesses would really take it out of me.


Alex has helped me with a variety of things, from bladder pain caused by Interstitial Cystitis, to a low immune system and even PMS!


Whatever is bothering me Alex really makes the effort to tailor each session to my specific needs and I always feel better for having seen her.

MLD massage supine 1.jpg

excellent treatments


Donna - MLD & RLD

I had one of my ankles fused following an accident. This caused me a lot of swelling and considerable pain!


I have had both MLD and RLD with Alex. RLD has been absolutely amazing to help with reducing the swelling and pain, but most importantly has allowed me time to relax and unwind, to enjoy the treatments.


I have also had several sessions of MLD and these have been great for me specifically in reducing the flare ups in pain I experience and helping with the swelling when my body becomes sluggish.


Both treatments have been so helpful in allowing me to remain mobile and active, bringing improvements in both my energy levels and general well-being.


I would definitely recommend both treatments.

reflex feet.jpg

the midas touch

goes the extra mile



Judy - MLD & reflexology

Barrie - RLD and reflexology

A friend recommended Alex to me and said that she had worked wonders on her. I have had reflexology before but nothing prepared me for how amazing Alex was, she truly has the ‘Midas touch’ She is absolutely fantastic and surpassed all my expectations.


I have not stopped raving about her since. I suffered dreadfully with debilitating migraines which could linger for days but after a couple of weekly sessions with Alex they all but disappeared and during the 7 months that I’ve been seeing her I’ve only suffered with one.


When I needed a planned arthroscopy, Alex suggested I have regular sessions of MLD in the lead up to surgery and then continue with sessions afterwards, which I did. As a result my recovery was quite incredible, virtually no swelling or pain, I was mobile straight away and the wound healing was a lot quicker than expected too.

Both my surgeon and Physiotherapist were very impressed with the speed of my recovery - which I put down to the treatments I received.

After listening to me extolling the virtues of my treatments, my husband and both my daughters started seeing her! It's a real family affair!


We all find that after having our regular sessions not only do we feel generally great, but we have a fantastic night’s sleep too.

I have at last found a therapist whose holistic approach to her work heals my body, my soul and my mind!


I am very happy to share my unconditionally positive experience of being Alex's patient and would recommend her to anyone whose body is tired or wounded or under pressure.


During the treatments I have received, I’ve found Alex's presence to be very calming and holding - she just seems to 'know what she is doing' in a way that is completely attune to my specific pains or stresses.


Her knowledge, sense of humour and commitment to her patients' well-being are second to none. She radiates a warm and positive energy which stays with me even after the treatment has finished. 

I think she's a real star!

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