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what is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a holistic and complementary treatment based on the principle that organs and structures of the body are associated to reflex points found on your hands and feet. It was devised as a non-invasive method of promoting healing and aiding in the release of congestion which may impair energy flow and affect general well-being.


It is thought that by treating specific reflex points on the hands and feet, this can bring about an associated effect on the organs and structures of the body, thus promoting better health and improvement in symptoms. It can also be incredibly relaxing and help bring about an increased self-awareness as to areas of the body which may be experiencing impairment or imbalance. Used in conjunction with patient-lead discussion can bring about several benefits (eg. offering both a physical and emotional healing effect).


Reflexology is sometimes offered as a treatment in spas, where you receive a one-off experience. I prefer to work in a manner where we devise a treatment plan to fit your specific needs and use my therapeutic background and clinical knowledge to tailor each session to your individual benefit..

benefits and additional application:

● Aids in reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety (from both mental and or physical tension).

● Aids in reducing symptoms of repetitive strain injury, muscular tension, joint ache and restriction to range of movement

   (ie. in fingers, hands, toes and feet).

● Assists in reducing fluid retention and swelling, promoting circulation

● Can relieve and reduce pain and discomfort.

● Improves quality of sleep and promotes relaxation.

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