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Alex Brooks Bsc. MRCOT

specialising in lymphoedema and lipoedema management

• LTA Cert. Fluoroscopy Guided MLD Therapist  •  LTA Cert. Lipoedema Specialist Therapist

Dr Vodder MLD / DLT Practitioner 

• Reflexologist & Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Therapist  •

• Snr. Occupational Therapist •

therapies and services


manual lymphatic drainage


reflexology lymphatic drainage


deep oscillation therapy

The Dr Vodder technique of MLD is a specialised form of massage, which is very gentle, non-invasive, relaxing and soothing.  


MLD can be of benefit to people with lymphoedema, lipoedema, generalised oedema following an acute injury or trauma and those recovering from surgery (eg. cosmetic or orthopaedic)


RLD is like Reflexology; however, focuses on working the lymphatic system in order to stimulate and cause a positive effect on its function. 


RLD is also a form of massage which people with lymphoedema, lipoedema and cancer can safely receive. 


DOT is an internationally patented, evidence based and technology proven form of therapy which can be used in conjunction with MLD and / or massage techniques.

It creates an electrostatic field in the tissues of the body which is gentle and has a deep-acting effect. As it is a non-invasive, gentle and therapeutic modality, it can be used immediately Day 1 post op or with chronic conditions.  

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additional therapies

classic reflexology

combined decongestive therapy (CDT)



memberships and associations

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