Alex Brooks Bsc. MRCOT

Snr. Occupational Therapist • Dr Vodder MLD / DLT Practitioner 

• Reflexologist & Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage Therapist  •

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 about me 


I started my therapy journey when I qualified as an Occupational Therapist from Brunel University, in London. I spent the following years working across diverse areas of both physical and mental health, within the private, NHS and social care settings. I developed a passion for fostering relationships with people and guiding them through their recovery journey. I enjoy finding creative, unique and person-centred ways to help someone make improvements to their quality of life and achieve their individual goals.

My specialist area of interest is the treatment and management of oedema (incl. Lymphoedema, Lipo-Lymphoedema and Lipoedema). My practice does however also extend to incl. optimising skin care, wound and scar healing as well as looking to promote people's overall health and well-being.


I work with a holistic approach, incorporating all aspects of people’s lives into their therapy. My aim is to tailor each treatment session to a person's specific needs, supporting them to achieve their individual goals both in the short and longer term.



 manual lymphatic drainage


The Dr Vodder technique of MLD is a specialised form of massage, which is very gentle, non-invasive, relaxing and soothing.  


MLD can be of benefit to people with lymphoedema, lipoedema, generalised oedema following an acute injury or trauma and those recovering from surgery (eg. cosmetic or orthopaedic)


 reflexology lymphatic drainage


RLD is like Reflexology; however, focuses on working the lymphatic system in order to stimulate and cause a positive effect on its function. 


RLD is also a form of massage which people with lymphoedema, lipoedema and cancer can safely receive. 


 occupational therapy


OT is a profession within health and social care which focusses on building, regaining or maintaining a person's activities of daily living (ADLs)


It can be helpful for people with physical, mental or cognitive impairments, disease and / or acute deterioration.


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