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Snippets from LymphLine the LSN Summer Newsletter

Something I encourage all my patients to do, is to sign up with the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN).

I have found this to be such a valuable resource for both those who care for people living with Lymphoedema (eg. therapists), people who are newly diagnosed or those who have been living with the condition for sometime but never knew it, family members or people who support someone who experiences Lymphoedema (along with other similar conditions of LipoLymphoedema or Lipoedema).

I thought it would be useful to show you a snippet from the Summer 2020 newsletter so that anyone who may find this beneficial and a "taster" of what's usually included in the LSN issues, may read this and decide to sign up. I honestly find that the LSN newsletter is the one professional magazine that I always read and always find of use to me or which helps someone I treat.

This is a copy of the Hints & tips which they have included in their summer issue along with posting to their Facebook page over the past few months.

It covers fantastic topics, including: "knowing what you're dealing with" "breathing and the importance of this in relation to the lymphatic system," "reducing your sugar intake," "keeping up with good skin care," "moving and motivating oneself to move more often," "understanding your medication," "the cellulitis alert card," "the importance of compression," "more specifics on skin and nail care, ie. your cuticles," "seeking support from others with the condition," "trying new forms of movement" and "challenging yourself to try NEW things"

The LSN welcomes offers of other hints and tips, so that information which can be beneficial to sum is accessible to all.

Lymphoedema, LipoLymphoedema and Lipoedema are all conditions which remain unspoken and under advertised. So many of my patients report that their GPs, practice nurses or other health professionals (incl. vascular and general surgeons) know very little about these conditions and how best to diagnose, treat or manage them.

It's become a bit of a focus point for me, so much so, that I often feel like referring to myself as the "oedema and lymphatics disciple!" But it's true, unless knowledge is shared and hints and tips offered to others, we will keep going round in circles with no better understanding or awareness of these conditions.

The LSN is passionate about providing just this. Support. Education. A voice to be heard. Compassion and Understanding for conditions which often leave people feeling isolated and alone with. This doesn't need to be the case. Therefore I encourage you, if you feel like some of these hints and tips have resonated with you, sign up to the Lymphoedema Support Network (LSN) and start your journey to better understanding, awareness and inclusion.

You're not alone in this, you just need to reach out to the right people to find your niche.

For more information on the LSN go to their website: or search for them on Facebook. They are a registered charity who gives so much more than they get.... because in their mind, and in mine: "Lymphoedema Matters!"

I hope you find this snippet helpful.

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