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Finding a new path - embracing change.

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

During this time of being on "pause" - not being able to work as I normally would, I decided to embrace all the changes which have been going on and will no doubt still come when lockdown restrictions are eased and then finally lifted.

Already there have been some major adjustments to what we can and can't do in our everyday lives and now this has extended into our practice as we try to slowly move towards a "new normal." Sadly I've come to realize that some things will never be the same again... and so in order to remain positive I thought rather than resist this, I should embrace it, learn from it and change so that when the time comes that I can return to practice, I will be able to offer something safe and suitable for as many people as possible.

Something which I thought would be really useful would be to refresh my website so that people will know what changes I've made and what I am still able to offer. So I did! And here it is.

I took the chance to review my content, adjust this so that the information is up to date (for now) and also can be amended easily in the future. I'm not going to even try and lie to myself and say that there won't be more changes to come, so why not make this process as easy and seamless from the start.

Some changes to my future practice, are that I won't be able to offer home visits any longer and that I will only be practicing on set days. Sadly these changes are something that I have really had to look hard at and weigh up what is best for everyone. In order to offer a safe and efficient service my appointments will be staggered and in order to ensure optimal risk reduction of transfer, I will be working in line with my fellow therapy colleagues to ensure there is little to no appointment overlap. This will allow me to ensure that everybody I treat is protected and kept safe to the best of my ability.

I am grateful to my governing bodies, who have issued lots of resources and guidance on how best to reopen services and I have been working closely with both clinics to ensure that we have the necessary equipment, protocols and safe measures in place to continue to offer the best care to the people we treat.

I am thankful for the kindness, support and understanding my patient's have shown me during this time. I look forward to seeing everyone again very soon and working towards improving your health and well-being.

Please keep checking the latest updates section on my home page which will give you the most recent information as to when and how I will be back to practice.

For now, keep safe and stay well.

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